Jesus replied, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'
Matthew 22:37
Missions in India
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Jacob Prayer Cell
We aim in promoting the love of Christ to the ones who have not experienced the same and in reviving the existing Christians who have forgotten their experience of the love of Christ. The world unfortunately has started descending in its outlook of spiritual arena, which brings the Jacob Prayer Cell to work with a missionary zeal. Contemplating with the call of various other Christian organisations and churches, Jacob Prayer Cell tries it level best to walk hand in hand with them to reach the community in propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in various possible ways.
Jesus Calls Ministries
Jesus Calls ministry is founded by Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakarn A ministry exhibiting the power of God's love and compassion to the suffering humanity. For more than four decade Br. D.G.S. Dhinakarn has traveled all over India and to 30 other countries bringing health to the helpless and bringing healing to the broken hearted. In the past decade people have seen his son Bro. Paul Dhinakarn rising up with his father's mantle on him with double portion of God's power in his life. People thronged in large numbers 500,000 in one meeting. This ministry is reaching to millions all around the world with the messages of love and compassion of Lord Jesus Christ.
Jesus Meets Ministries
"JESUS MEETS" Ministries is a religious and Charitable Trust registered with the main object to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over India with specific concern for North India. Bro.G.P.S. Robinson, the Managing Trustee is an evangelist with specific call from God when he was 19 years and for the last 2 decades, he is carrying out the Great Work Commissioned by our Lord & Savious Jesus Christ.
Jesus Redeems
The ministry was founded on 2nd October 1978 by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through Brother Mohan C.Lazarus for the true salvation, deliverance and blessings of the people who are struggling under the bondage of satan, sin, sicknes, sorrows, tears and wories on. The Ministry began as a small prayer group in a small village named Nalumavadi in Southern Tamilnadu of India.
Jubilee Outreach Ministries
Jubilee Outreach Ministries is designed to reach the youth of India with the gospel of Jesus Christ through creative Christian arts. God gave us the vision to reach out to others in a bigger dimension by proclaiming a message of freedom in Christ. This passionate freedom is known as "Jubilee", and that is how we got our name: Jubilee Outreach Ministries.
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