Let us go to the house of the Lord.
Psalm 122:1
Missions in India
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IGOSA{India Gospel Outreach & Social Action}
IGOSA (India Gospel Outreach and Social Action) is an Indigenous and And non-denominational faith ministry established in ORISSA in 1984 with a Vision to "REACHING THE UNREACHED", particularly those who are in rural and Tribal areas.
Immanuel Baptist Ministries of India
Immanuel Baptist Ministries of India emerged to reach the un reached to preach Christ and win them over, by all conceivable means.
India Gospel Out reach and Social action
Igosa is and indigenious mission started in 1978, by Rev. Niranjan Bordhan. This mission is working to reach the unreached people in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and providing Education, Free Mediacal to all teh poor and destituded of this area.
India Missions Association
India Missions Association is the national federation of missions in India, which assists Missions and Churches in the proclamation of the Good news and in making disciples of Jesus Christ among all peoples, languages and geographical areas through members who partner to share resources, research and training, by their effective accountability and care of their personnel.
India Prayer & Fellowship Association
India Prayer & Fellowship Association is a registered trust in India which started it's mission from 6th Jan. '98. We are doing evangelism among non-believers. We do door to door ministry area wise and have close friendly relationship with those who respond for prayer and lead them to salvation. We have crossed 16248 houses, 887 personal contacts and 1748 postal contacts. We start prayer cells and Sunday Schools area wise so that the children of our contacts get regular teaching also.
Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship
Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship was born in a student convention in 1980. In a humble way, with only a handful of groups and a few committed voluntary workers in Kerala, the southern state of India, has grown to its present position with over Seventy-Five staffs. Over the past twenty years, thousands of students have been pulled out of hell and discipled.
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