Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.
Philippians 2:4
Missions in India
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Agni Ministries
Agni Ministries is serving the Lord for more than 25 years. There are about five staffs and 27 Pastors working under Agni Ministries. There are nearly 20 Agni Churches in and around the city of Madras, in India. It serves to facilitate, help and support many poor Church Pastors to build the Kingdom of God in the city of Madras and all over the states in India. Agni Ministries would be able to offer as a partner for vital growing movements in India. We will be able to allow other streams and movements to draw a strategic resource available and therefore help to pour oil on other peoples fire ? for the swift advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre
BEARC's aim and objectives are to serve the poorest of the poor in the under Developed rural villages with various development projects such as the Orphanages, Micro-loan projects, Vocational training for the widows, the unemployed next generation And Home for the Aged, sick and forsaken
Bethel Fellowship Trust
Bethel Fellowship Trust is an indigenous full gospel, native missionary cum social organisation. Its primary aim is to promulgate the good news to every creature by all means to all places before the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is also concerned for the physical need of the down-trodden in our society to rehabilitate them.
Bethel Ministries & Welfare Association
Bethel Ministries is a Registered Non-Profitable organisation founded by Rev.s.Devadass in the year 1994.It is mainly focussing on Reaching Unreached for the Christ and taking care of Orphans.
Beulah Ministry
Beulah ministries of India is an inter-denominational, indigenous mission organization located in the town called Ongole in the State of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. We are a non-profit Christian organization working with all denominations to reach the Nation with Holy Biblical scripture. We welcome any Christian who has a vision for the oppressed and lost souls of India to become a prayer and/or financial partner with us as we minister to the needy.
Bible Society of India
The Bible Society of India publishes Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, books of the Bible and selections from the Bible in about 175 languages and dialects. Millions and millions of Scripture items, produced by the Bible Society of India, are being distributed through the various Churches and Christian agencies in India each year. Fulfilling the God given commission, the Bible Society translates, publishes and distributes the Holy Scriptures, faithful to the original text, in many languages and a wide variety of formats and specialized Scriptures for children and adults who are learning to read.
Blessed Children
Blessed Children is a mission project of All India Good News Centre, which is an evangelical, non-denominational mission oriented, charitable organization. Our primary task is to help the poor & needy in their affliction with the love of Jesus Christ. The blessed children home is located at Kidangannur, which is 8 miles from Pathanamthitta, Kerala, South India.
Blessing Youth Mission
A Youth organisation dedicated for Revival among Young People and New Testament Evangelism through Young People. Works with the objective as Indian Churches must be revived, Believers Must grow in the Lord, Youth must be reached and challenged, Every Christian must become a personal soul winner and India Must be totally evangelized in this generation, etc. "I will bless them and the places surrounding My hill. I will send down showers in season; there shall be showers of blessing." Ezek 34:26
Since last 7 YEARS working in Karnataka,India.We are reaching most UN-reached.Our vision and burden is reach in India.
Campus Crusade for Christ
Campus Crusade for Christ International is an interdenominational ministry committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. We cooperate with millions of Christians from churches of many denominations and hundreds of other Christian organizations around the world to help Christians grow in their faith and share the Gospel message with their fellow countrymen.
careindia ministries
Care India Ministries is started in 1990 ,under the Leadership of Pastor: Manju Abraham "CareIndia " Basicaly work among the non christians With Christian Literature & Audio Visual media .
CBN India
CBN India was established in August 1997 at Hyderabad, India to carry the message of hope through Television. To accomplish this vision, CBN India produces television programmes for children, youth and the family. Produced in various regional languages, the programmes are aired by national and cable channels every week. Apart from this, CBN India is also involved in humanitarian aid programmes through Living Water and Operation Blessing.
Central India Christian Mission
The primary mission of CICM is to evangelize the lost people of Central India and bring them to Christian maturity, to establish new churches throughout the area, and to train church leaders. The secondary mission is to meet physical needs through the children's fund program, the hospital and medical camps, and by providing benevolent help in times of disaster. Each of these secondary methods is seen as an integral part in accomplishing the primary.
Christ for India
Christ For India Exists to Fulfill Christ's Great Commission to India by training nationals as pastors and evangelists, establishing native churches, providing humanitarian aid, educating India's future leadership.
Christian Faith Assembly
CFA is a Pentecostal Organization committed to spread the fragrance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached and remote areas of India.It preaches about Salvation, Water baptism, Anointing of the Holy Sprit, Separated & Holy living, Church sacraments & tithing, Holy Communion, Mission of the church and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It has churches in cities and towns also. It sends missionaries to deep jungles where neglected,uneducated, poor and underprivileged tribal people live.
Christian Media Centre
The Christian Media Centre - India (CMC-I) began to function in Madras, India in the year 1950. It was known as the Lutheran Centre. Later from 1967 it was called Christian Arts and Communication Service. From 1984 onwards, it is known as the Christian Media centre - India. Since India is a multi-lingual nation, the office has broadcast programmes and distribute evangelism material in various languages, namely, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and English. At present, C.M.C. -I. serves in four languages namely, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.
Compassion India Ministries (CIM)
CIM is founded by Jesus through Rev Robinson Thiraviam, registered under non-profit organisation.
Preaching the Word,planting the Churches and Preparing the Disciples.
Faith Ministries
In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the ure hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water - John 7:37-38
Faith Revive Trust of India
Faith Revive Trust of India? is a non-governmental non-profit making Christian Charitable organization , with 12A Tax Exemption. Established for the community development and transformation, teaching moral values based on Biblical teaching. Faith Revive Trust has many ministries that work for the people to serve them. Our priority is that none should perish but everyone should have eternal life. This is only possible through the living gospel.
Good News for India
Good News for India is an interdenominational Christian organization that is committed to training, sending out, and supporting national missionaries to preach the Gospel and plant churches among the unreached people groups of the Indian subcontinent. To this end Good News for India founded and supports the Luther W. New Jr. Theological College (New Theological College or NTC) with several small satellite training centers in five north Indian states, over 163 churches, and several primary schools. Our graduates have established hundreds of churches in India and surrounding nations. We give all glory to God!
Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS)
Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS) in Bihar, preaches the love of Jesus Christ among the public and works for their awakening and salvation. It is also involved in the transformation and upliftment of the society. It concentrates and reaches the unreached; to reach and help the down-trodden and the poorest of poor in the society. It is working in the States of Bihar, Jharkand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra for more than 25 years. This organization was started in 1972 and was registered as a society in 1979. It is dedicated to bring the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ into the most needed parts and the unreached areas of the Northern States in India and beyond.
Gospel Echoing Missionary Society of canada
We are also very glad to share with you that as on 31stJanuary 2000, our ministerial activities are as under :- 155 Worshiping Centers 80 New Fields 438 Full-time workers 81 PEACE workers 332 Staff working in DCCs 23 Trainees 2 Discipleship Training Centres 2 Teachers Training Centres
Grace Gospel Ministires
The quest for the satisfaction in material possessions has been fruitless. Christ said, "?a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth." Luke 12:15. True happiness and meaning are not found in material things. To meet the spiritual poverty and hunger the Apostles and the early church stressed preaching and teaching of God's word. This is where Salvation begins. This is what we need to meet the hunger for God.
Hallelujah Village Church Trust
Hallelujah Village Church Trust (HVCT) invites cross-cultural missionaries and resource persons to share and participate in the ministry by visiting the mission spots, staying for a period of time with HVCT and taking part in the various ministries like medical, educational, crusades, theological teaching and preaching or in other social service programs.
Hand Of The Lord ministries
The Hand Of The Lord ministries trust was formed in the year 1992. The Founder member of this trust is Mr. V James Manoharan. The trust was formed to minister unto the people the WORD of GOD, deliver them from bondages of demonic possession and their physical ailments. This Ministry is associated in manifesting the deeds of LORD JESUS CHRIST and his teachings to mankind. King David Said, "Taste and see that the LORD is good". Psalm 34 : 8)
Harvest India Ministries
Harvest India Ministries is a NGO registered with the Govt. of India as Religious and Charitable Trust, called HARVEST CHARITABALE TRUST, governed by the Board of Trustees under the Leadership of Founder President LUTHER MATAPATHI B.A B.Ed, and successful the work is shouldered and carried out by the able Director Rev. John L. Matapathi who has been used by God in India and abroad.
Hindustan Bible Institute
Responding in obedience to that call, in 1952 the Hindustan Bible Institute was started in the city of Madras, with the specific purpose of training Indian Nationals to take the Gospel to their country. The work that was started in a rented building with 5 students and a borrowed missionary, today is launched from a campus of almost 10 acres and is the largest Bible College of its kind in India.
Host of Christ
By the grace of God, Our organization 'HOST OF CHRIST' was begun in the month of May in the year of 1990. With only four members on its charter. Rev. Rajan Edward the founder of this organization cast away his business of fifteen years to entirely involve himself in the service of our lord.
IGOSA{India Gospel Outreach & Social Action}
IGOSA (India Gospel Outreach and Social Action) is an Indigenous and And non-denominational faith ministry established in ORISSA in 1984 with a Vision to "REACHING THE UNREACHED", particularly those who are in rural and Tribal areas.
Immanuel Baptist Ministries of India
Immanuel Baptist Ministries of India emerged to reach the un reached to preach Christ and win them over, by all conceivable means.
India Gospel Out reach and Social action
Igosa is and indigenious mission started in 1978, by Rev. Niranjan Bordhan. This mission is working to reach the unreached people in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and providing Education, Free Mediacal to all teh poor and destituded of this area.
India Missions Association
India Missions Association is the national federation of missions in India, which assists Missions and Churches in the proclamation of the Good news and in making disciples of Jesus Christ among all peoples, languages and geographical areas through members who partner to share resources, research and training, by their effective accountability and care of their personnel.
India Prayer & Fellowship Association
India Prayer & Fellowship Association is a registered trust in India which started it's mission from 6th Jan. '98. We are doing evangelism among non-believers. We do door to door ministry area wise and have close friendly relationship with those who respond for prayer and lead them to salvation. We have crossed 16248 houses, 887 personal contacts and 1748 postal contacts. We start prayer cells and Sunday Schools area wise so that the children of our contacts get regular teaching also.
Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship
Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship was born in a student convention in 1980. In a humble way, with only a handful of groups and a few committed voluntary workers in Kerala, the southern state of India, has grown to its present position with over Seventy-Five staffs. Over the past twenty years, thousands of students have been pulled out of hell and discipled.
Jacob Prayer Cell
We aim in promoting the love of Christ to the ones who have not experienced the same and in reviving the existing Christians who have forgotten their experience of the love of Christ. The world unfortunately has started descending in its outlook of spiritual arena, which brings the Jacob Prayer Cell to work with a missionary zeal. Contemplating with the call of various other Christian organisations and churches, Jacob Prayer Cell tries it level best to walk hand in hand with them to reach the community in propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in various possible ways.
Jesus Calls Ministries
Jesus Calls ministry is founded by Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakarn A ministry exhibiting the power of God's love and compassion to the suffering humanity. For more than four decade Br. D.G.S. Dhinakarn has traveled all over India and to 30 other countries bringing health to the helpless and bringing healing to the broken hearted. In the past decade people have seen his son Bro. Paul Dhinakarn rising up with his father's mantle on him with double portion of God's power in his life. People thronged in large numbers 500,000 in one meeting. This ministry is reaching to millions all around the world with the messages of love and compassion of Lord Jesus Christ.
Jesus Meets Ministries
"JESUS MEETS" Ministries is a religious and Charitable Trust registered with the main object to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over India with specific concern for North India. Bro.G.P.S. Robinson, the Managing Trustee is an evangelist with specific call from God when he was 19 years and for the last 2 decades, he is carrying out the Great Work Commissioned by our Lord & Savious Jesus Christ.
Jesus Redeems
The ministry was founded on 2nd October 1978 by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through Brother Mohan C.Lazarus for the true salvation, deliverance and blessings of the people who are struggling under the bondage of satan, sin, sicknes, sorrows, tears and wories on. The Ministry began as a small prayer group in a small village named Nalumavadi in Southern Tamilnadu of India.
Jubilee Outreach Ministries
Jubilee Outreach Ministries is designed to reach the youth of India with the gospel of Jesus Christ through creative Christian arts. God gave us the vision to reach out to others in a bigger dimension by proclaiming a message of freedom in Christ. This passionate freedom is known as "Jubilee", and that is how we got our name: Jubilee Outreach Ministries.
Liberation Ministries For India, Inc
Missionary Evangelism to India. Reaching the millions of unsaved with the Word of God. Liberation Ministries is working with more than 94 pastors and evangelists and 51 congregations, varying from as small as 8-15 people, or as large as 200 people.
Love-N-Care Ministries
With continued evangelization it quickly became apparent that there was a need to train men for full time ministry to oversee the new churches being gathered in this region. As a result of this need, Love-N-Care Ministries was born. In the years since, Love-N-Care Ministries has grown into a multifaceted complex of important ministries reaching millions with the hope and help of the living Lord Jesus Christ.
Loving Christ-Prayer Group
The Good News is the seed that will be planted in the world and will flourish, in the proper time, in every field of saving isolated souls or individual beings. The Gospel is to be proclaimed to all creations in all activities and acts of those who have been renewed by baptism. They are to be the yeast that transforms human history.
Madhan Thomas Ministries
Christian Ministry By Rev.Dr.G.Madhan Thomas at Chennai to spread the Gospel and glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Maranatha Evangelical Fellowship
Maranatha Evangelical Fellowship(MEF) is an outreach faith ministry started in Ludhiana, Punjab, to reach the un-reached in India. We are involved in Church planting, Outreach, Prison Ministry, Needy Children India (providing school fees, books, stationary items for poor and needy school going children), Lending Library, Slum Literacy (for illiterate adults and children), Christian Film (Jesus and Dayasagar in English, Hindi, Punjabi), and School Children Ministry.
Maranatha Evangelical Fellowship
Maranatha Evangelical Fellowship(MEF) is an outreach faith ministry started in Ludhiana, Punjab, to reach the un-reached in India. We are involved in Church planting, Outreach, Prison Ministry, Needy Children India (providing school fees, books, stationary items for poor and needy school going children), Lending Library, Slum Literacy (for illiterate adults and children), Christian Film (Jesus and Dayasagar in English, Hindi, Punjabi), and School Children Ministry.
Mercy Trust
Mercy Trust is A Charitable Christian Organization having three wings namely called United Evangelical ministries,Loving Shephered Orphan Homes,New Life rehabilitation centers,We have Church Planting,Orphanages,Widow Fund,Skill Training to the Woman,helping the Unwedded Mothers,Reaching beggers with good news of Jesus(Bartimaeus Project),Conducting Childern Clubs,Pastors Conferences & crusades.It is an Interdenominational Ministry serving the lord with Like minded brotheren in the International countries,
Ministry of Jesus
Two prayer cells, one in Attukal temple premises in Trivandrum and the other in Puthiathura sea shore of Trivandrum district were started during 1994 amidst life threatening and thumping challenge. Five became five hundred within a couple of months and the devil's wall was broken due to powerful word and following miracles. As per the revelation of Holy Sprit these open air meetings were shifted to rented halls. Five hundred increased to five thousand in a short spell. The Ministry was named and registered as Ministry of Jesus during 1998
Missions India
Missions India is an indigenous, interdenominational and cross-cultural missionary movement functioning since 1989. Now 300 committed missionaries are serving the people in 104 stations spread over 14 different states of the country. They work towards the spiritual and physical growth and development of the people in various contexts. Missions India is a society registered under the societies act. The General body consisting of 30 members and the board of 14 members from different denominations and backgrounds take care of the administration
Nagaland Missionary Movement
The Nagaland Missionary Movement is native Christian effort to reach out to the non-Christians in Southeast Asia. Today there are over 600 missionaries, 500 native evangelists, 1300 churches, and a combined church membership of about 800,000 Christians
Native Missionary Movement of India
NMM's top priority is fulfilling the 'Great Commission'. Most of our missionaries are working in the most unreached areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh and in neighboring countries like Burma(myanmar), Bhutan and Nepal. Moreover, North India has a large number of unreached People Groups with distinct social and cultural identities and languages. 200 major unreached groups are in North India. NMMI as reached 60 groups where we have vibrant churches.
A Christian Organization from Hyderabad,INDIA with aim of Gospel preaching in unreached areas,Orphan care
The National Missionary Society of India was founded in 1905 at Serampore Theological Seminary,Calcutta.It was founded by 17 youngsters included Bishop V.S.Azariah,with Inian Money,Indian management,Indian missionary.
North India Strategic Aliiance
North India Strategic Alliance is a North India Based evangleism and church planting minstry. The aim of Nisa-India is to reach out to the miilion of unreached in North India by partnering with the like minded individuals, churches and organizations.
Oasis Ministries
Oasis Ministry was founded by Rev.kPaul and Pastor John Benhur in 1997. It's main aim is "GO INTO THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOOD NEWS TO ALL CREATION" AIMS AND GOALS OF OUR PRESENT MINISTRY: THE SCOPE OF OUR PRESENT OUT REACH. The scope of our present outreach lice on the church's Evangelism in rural and urban areas.
Peace Gospel Ministries
Peace Gospel Ministries was founded on April 13, 1993. In October of 1996 Peace Gospel Bible College held its first classes, and is now in its fourth year of operation with over 50 graduates now serving Christ in full-time ministry in India. PGM also runs a small but growing orphanage, a ministry to lepers, a ministry to widows, and a literacy program to help the illiterate learn to read the Bible.
pentecostal Glory Mission
we involved in church Planting and preaching the gospel inthe interior villages and helping the poor and needy we also sent three missionaries to North India
Prison Fellowship india
Precious Children is a project of Prison fellowship India, a registered charitable society that is involved in the rehabilitation and reconciliation of prisoners, released prisoners and victims of crime. This society exists for the last twenty five years in India and has provided care for thousands of families of prisoners and victims of crime. The society is run by a Board of Directors that consists of reputed leaders in the country.
Reaching Indians Ministries International
RIMI is an international Christian missions agency, registered and incorporated in the US., with the motto of reaching, the unreached Indians in India and world wide for Christ. Become part of a dynamic team. Build relationship with our missionaries and local people.
I received a vision from God that makes a servant of God as Flames of Fire.our ministries are to enrich to those who are doing ministries and we preaching the Gospel,teaching the word of God...etc....
Sangareddy Baptist Trust
SBT - India (Sangareddy Baptist Trust) was established in 1993 in pursuit of the visionary zeal exemplified by the life of the great Missionary, Dr. William Carey. Today, the SBT - India (Sangareddy Baptist Trust) has come a long way from its humble beginnings. In the last five years, it has set up a school, colleges and a diagnostic center, and is engaged in a wide range of evangelistic services.The purpose of SBT - INDIA is to obey in letter and spirit the communion given by our lord in MAT 28 : 18-20 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to me in heaven And on earth".
Sathyam Ministries
Our goal is to proclaim and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the co-operation of believers in India and abroad. For over a decade, the Trust has been actively involved in Gospel literature ministry, evangelization and relief work for the downtrodden. Join hands with us in winning souls for our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.
Serve Ministries
Serve Ministries is a Christian Voluntary Organisation that operates in North-West India. Our services are offered without discrimination with regard to religion, caste or gender to all who could derive benefit from them towards wholesome living.
Shekinah Ministries has been formed by Pastor Arul Arasu, which is the growing ministry steadily since 18 years in the heart of world famous hindus worshiping pilgrim center, Tirupati city. Through the ministry's gospel work, thousands of afflicted and oppressed non-Christian communities in this city seeking for peace, Grace and Eternal life are confessed, accepted Jesus Christ is their Saviour and becoming believers lead by Holy Spirit. It has got many welfare programs like Child Development, Women welfare, Orphanage home for HIV/AIDS orphans, etc.
SISWA (SOUTH INDIA SOUL WINNERS ASSOCIATION) SISWA is a charitable mission trust, which was established in the 1975. Our vision is to reach the millions of unreached living in the six hundred thousand villages of India and also the third world countries like Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, through evangelism and church planting, Children home and free medical camps etc., we construct churches in tribal areas. We arrange gospel crusades, and campaigns in various parts of India and we motivate revival among the churches thorough fasting prayer meetings. Our goal is to build 1000 churches in the villages of India and Third World Countries. We do have a Bible college and a Children home.
Sound of Thunder Ministries
Idimuzhakkam Trust was originated from the Almighty God ( El-Shaddai ), who gave the vision about perishing souls. We obeyed for that heavenly vision and our primary ambition has been to preach the Gospel, not where Christ's name has already been known (Rom 15:21)
TellASIA Ministries
?Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon, I have given you?? Joshua 1:3 Motivated by this word, our founder set out to spiritually as well as physically ?tread upon? the places from which those principalities orchestrate their deception. She felt the Lord say, "you must go inside that temple and bind the principalities." Sources who had lived in the city for over thirty years affirmed that no Christian had ever dared set foot inside.
The Andaman Vision
Andaman Vision is to make known these islands, the people and their needs to the Christian World so that more and more of God's people may be moved by the Holy Spirit and develop a real burden in their hearts to uphold these islands, the people and their needs in prayer, encouragement and support.
Union of Evangelical Students of India
UESI works at two levels-students and Graduates. Graduates are those who are non-students. They may or may not have a University degree. The student group is known as Evangelical Union (EU). The graduate group is known as Evangelical Graduates Fellowship (EGF). The whole movement is known as the Union of Evangelical Students of India (UESI).
Upper Room Mission
Reaching the 10/40 with the Living Changing Word of God. Sharing Christ that None Shall Perish!
Voice OF Gospel Ministry
Voice OF Gospel is an international mission and charity organization founded by Dr.Daniel in 1975 with the visin to reach the unreached in Asia.Churhc planting,training the nationals,Mercy Homes for the poor and the orphans,are the main ares of ministry.
Youth Gospel Crusade
Youth Gospel Crusade the ministry located in Kovvur town of West Godavari Distrcit of Andhra Pradesh State in South India. Doing the Gods Work in the mids of different people, our Main Focus on Orphan Children Ministry, Widows Ministry, Forest Ministry.
Youth With A Mission
Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus personally to this generation, to mobilizing as many as possible to help in this task, and to the training and equipping of believers for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. As citizens of God's kingdom, we are called to love, worship, and obey our Lord, to love and serve His Body, the Church, and to present the whole Gospel for the whole person throughout the whole world.
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